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August 21, 2014
New York Times
When Do Doctors Have the Right to Speak?
Do occupational-licensing laws trump the First Amendment?    More

August 21, 2014
Northeast Times
Fighting forfeiture
A Somerton couple was forced out of their home and told the DA’s office will seize the property because of their son’s drug arrest ...   More

August 21, 2014
Associated Press
Evidence from illegal search can't be used for forfeiture
In a decision that civil rights groups said would protect property owners' rights, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled ...   More

August 19, 2014
The Daily Signal
Arresting Your Cash: Panel Discusses Civil Forfeiture Reform
Civil asset forfeiture is a law enforcement tool with a dark side ...   More

August 18, 2014
Good Morning America
Food Trucks' Cleanliness Compared to Restaurants
Are the mobile food destinations as sanitary as restaurants?   More

August 18, 2014
Philadelphia Inquirer
Presumed innocent
Untold numbers of Philadelphians have lost their homes through the city district attorney's hyper-aggressive, overreaching civil forfeiture program ...   More

August 18, 2014
Washington Times
When the highway robber wears a badge
In 1900, legend has it Butch Cassidy was part of the small gang that knocked off the First National Bank of Winnemucca ...   More

August 18, 2014
Casino agency abuses eminent domain
It is a case right out of Central Casting: the arrogant state agency that is abusing its power of eminent domain to take the family home of underdog Charlie Birnbaum ...   More

August 15, 2014
Philadelphia Inquirer
Fight the 'forfeiture machine'
Philadelphia's iconic City Hall is topped by a statue of William Penn, who called the city he founded a "Holy Experiment." Yet today, hundreds of feet beneath that statue, an unholy machine grinds away, mechanically depriving citizens of their hard-earned property ...   More

August 15, 2014
Philadelphia Daily News
DN Editorial: Not-very-civil forfeiture
There are lots of ways to be Ferguson, Missouri. It doesn't necessarily require tear gas, smoke bombs lobbed at protesters or a heavily militarized police department ...   More